Diversified Electronic Service is a leader in security, access controls and surveillance technologies. We provide clients with the most advanced burglar alarms, cameras, access controls solutions in the world today.   Cameras that deliver clear, crisp images of your property to you via the internet, in any temperature or environment.  Burglar alarms with monitoring to alert you upon any intrusion.  Access controls to control entry and exit in any building using the latest technology.

Diversified Electronic Service designs security camera systems, access control systems and burglar
alarms under TN license #1759.

 Security Camera Systems

•3 megapixel (2048 x 1536) resolution
•Full HD1080p real-time video
•IR LEDs: up to 30m
•Third-party network camera supported

•32 channel IP camera input
•Up to 5 Mega pixel (2560×1920) recording resolution

•Simultaneous HDMI, VGA and CVBS output

•HDMI and VGA output up to 1920 x 1080P resolution
•Dual gigabit network interfaces

•eSATA interface for recording or archiving

•Flip open front panel for easy HDD installation

•16-ch 4CIF synchronous playback
•JPEG picture capture and playback
•Tag video clip, search and playback by tag
•Digital zoom on live view and playback

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Diversified Electronic Service and Mobotix, a worldwide leader in security surveillance options, offer clients systems to deliver off-site monitoring in any weather condition. We partner to bring solutions that feature two-way communication from your desktop, tablet or smart phone to the remote camera/system at your property. With our internal protocol technology solution, you can access high-resolution live images and recordings of the secured property in real-time anywhere in the world, by Wi-Fi or internet connectivity.

The Mobotix system continually protects your interests, featuring alerts of alarm triggers, professional video management of recordings, and convenient search functions. Controlling access to specific parts of your commercial property is a snap through the high-resolution widescreen panning feature, which can record events from wall-to-wall.

With Mobotix solutions you can have access to video mailbox recordings and playback of external MxPEG videos, open doors from another location or simply see who’s at your door.

The Mobotix system features unlimited numbers of users and cameras with no license feeds, and is simple and easy to install on most standard PCs. Mobotix cameras and systems can be integrated into your conventional network and analog cameras and the software comes complete with a convenient layout editor for integrating building plans and upgrades.

Remote point users can manipulate camera groupings and cameras with continuous tilting, panning and zooming features available in the software package. Filtering video events is a snap with an individualized user interface, which is adaptable to each user.

The cameras themselves are robust and have no moving parts, ensuring low maintenance costs to own and have sensor technology with up to 30 frames per second, or fps, and zoom. Images are optimized and blur is reduced even in poor lighting conditions.  Microphone, speaker and movement sensors can also be integrated. With an integrated DVR system, the Mobotix system can provide long-term recording without network overload and recordings can be exported to AVI and Quicktime as H.264 video with sound.

Protect your property without having to be present by calling us today at 615-834-9920.

A Mobotix factory trained dealer.

We can design a security camera system based on your needs quickly and easily.

   mx_MPP_Q25_1200 (1)

  • 6 megapixel (4096 x 1536) resolution
  • Continuous up to 8x Zoom+digital Pan/Tift
  • 13° to 180° Lens
  • IP66
  • Up to 128Gig internal storage
  • External storage on PC/Server/NAS
  • Integrated Microphone and speaker
  • Bidirectional, IP telephony (VoIP)
  • PoE
  • Vandal-proof
  • MxActivity Sensor
  • Video Alarm Management
  • MxManagementCenter / MxEasy software